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Sector Dairy Products Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu Tenders Ref.No 38232089
Closing Date 12 - Feb - 2020  |  20 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply, erection and commissioning of 30 KL vertical milk silo 2 nos. #*. Design, supply, installation and commissioning of up gradation of refrigeration system with package type condensing units for cold rooms. #*. Installation, testing and commissioning of 500KVA transformer and interlink of new 500KVA transformer with old 500KVA transformer and necessary modification of existing two pole structure and providing VCB, ACB etc.
Sector Municipal Corporations Tenders Tender Value Rs. 9.99 Lakh
Location Uttar Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 38318245
Closing Date 30 - Jan - 2020  |  7 Days to go View Tender Details
Construction of rubber molded interlocking & drains from various places. #*. Supply of LED light. #*. Installation of LED light with high mast pole. #*. Cleaning, repair & painting work of overhead tank. #*. Supply of CPVC pipe, elbow, M seal, old tube, suction pipe, CPVC solution, PVC solution, socket, union, hypochlorite liquid, PVC pipe, elbow, D joint, spade, push button oil starter, motor etc. #Hindi
Sector Dairy Products Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat Tenders Ref.No 38276973
Closing Date 27 - Jan - 2020  |  4 Days to go View Tender Details
Sale of old non usable spare parts, push rod valve,cummins,3046419, element,lube oil cooler,110848, g-855-g, propylene glycol (food grade), rubber-metal bush,, vlvpistsptr.bcfgcnb 21501076,31596276000, spring sptr cnb215-01-076,0026-2224-110, gsktsptr.bcfg.west.0007-2466-840, gasket sptr 0007-2803-840, cam,model:fb-120,pos no-d2m00545, tension spring,fb-120,pos no-d40002191, spur gear,model:fb-120,pos no-d4002511, hollow spur gear,fb-120,pos no-d4000249, guide piece,model:fb-120,pos no-d301775, cam,model:fb-120,pos no-d2m00560, chatting ring,simon freres ,mc 1217 vf, foil cutter,fb-120,pos no-d3m01767, dosing cell assy,fb-120,pos no-r2002927, channel plate,fb-120,pos no-d3121503, sleeve,model:fb-120,pos no-d4m02676, cam,model:fb-120,part no:84229090, phe-plate,condsr phe,sw-24mm, chenal plate gasket ntp sw 24, plate gasket,past,h10rc,m01-s58-272-e00, vlv air, lkuv,release,ss,17mm,alfa-laval, spare for bouch vaccume pump r 5400, slat chain,delrin,100,brown with ss pin, channeplate pa 500 hmt milk pasturize, brg ball,fag/skf,3314-a,angu,double, brg rlr,skf,22313 ek,spherical,two, filler,machine pkg,p12n,1 7922373, o ring for sw 24, spindle,sptr ,mrpx 318 tgv-74c,535556-01, generaengg,recording change of ink mule, chenaplate p-45 rb pasturizer heating, relay,tmg 740 2,32-32,6a,ts max - 3/21s, recorder temp. recorder,mounting:panel, crank shaft,kc3/kc4/kc6,840300150, ink coding asy., pakona, model pk-30, worm wheel,sptr ,s 2181m,p/n-11539, piston block,sig,f-100,pos:688,1.6.73-b1, turn table,m/c pkg,sig,f-100/f-140,b-690, rotary table m/c f-100,55340249, screw & funnel,model:pa-80,ss316,48/56mm, counter shaft complete, counter shaft,atomizer,f-100,10737-0001, pinion sft comp.atomizerf-100,10739-0001, main drivingsft&gear comp,f100,10717-003, intermediate shaftatomizerf60,bf/bg10471, spindle,atomizer,f-100,11182-0001, ct eu-584sv,p:464471iss.1,18838201001081, bulb moisture analyzer part, moistureanalyzerptsitpower supplyboard, spinning motor(papst)analyzermoisturepts, chuck, roller, control box, spindle, oilseal, valve, matched spiral bewel gear, piston, fly wheel, clmp, valve sole, spindle, valve sole, belt v, brg ball, roller bearing, dc injection braking control, lever brecket, seaming chuck, contactor pwr ac, agitator, clamp set, d.p.transmeter, 120 p of 3/4 $ hollow bearing pin, needles mfw, socket, various type bearing, one way roller, duct line, sprocket wheel, spacer, bushing, rovema, gasket, damper vibration, cross head valve,cummins,g-855-g,123416, valve exh,cummins,3226068, over speed stop,cummins,505069, kit test,cummins,3167226, tube connector,cummins,3873425, ignition timing light,cummins,3236821, gasket wtr header cover,g-855-g,3009323, gasket,cy head,cummins,4055159,g-855-g, hose-flex radiator to wasppump,1607000ss, hose-flex oil pump to engine,01005000 ss, automatic volt reg,vishvakarma ele,rp-2, cam shaft,3167035,g-855-g,cummins, actuating lever,fb-120,pos no-d2m00539, guide,d4m02628-02,eniplet, cam,model:fb-120,pos no-d4m02639, guide for knife unit,fb-1204,p:d3m01766, holder,model:fb-120,pos no-d30005805, paper roll spacer,fb-120,pos no-d4m02681, sprocket,model:fb-120,pos no-d4000246, gear,model:fb-1204,part no:d4000668, roller,model:fb-120,pos no-d4m02722, mobile lift guide,fb-120,pos no-d4121513, wedge,model:fb-120,pos no-d4m02640, pressure valv,buc,90004163-0000-0000-, shaft with collar,fb-120,pos no-d4m02732, bushing,sigf100/140,n 6502.2414,25x32x20, folder slide,sig,f-100/140,54.314 317, pre slide,sig,f-100/140,54.340 599, gear,model:fb-1204,part no:d4000251, roller pin,embosing,drawing:3,pos.:, folder plat,sigf-100/140,986/54 314771-, snap ring,sig,f-100/140,p/n-54.644, snap ring,sig,f-100/140,p/n-54.644, guide piece,model:fb-120,pos no-d3m01739, lever,model:fb-120,pos no-d4m02708, pinion spindle,west.sptr, 8140-3399-, rotor, cherbourg,mc1217 vf,8221-, bushing,sptr ,s 2181m,p/n-11535, pressure switch p no:0005-4111-010,, outlet sleeve(left hand thread )43688top, worm,sptr,s 2181m,p/n-11521, seperator cup for collar part no., diaph,sprt 0004-2312-750, gsktsptr.bcfg.west.0007-2964-760, spring column compl partno:0006-, etc.
Sector Banking and Mutual Funds and Leasings Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 38111807
Closing Date 22 - Jan - 2020  |  1 Days ago View Tender Details
Auction sale of property, factory shed, Roller Conveyor, Can Tipping Bar, Dumo Tank, Viewing Scale, Milk Pump, Can Drip Saver, Can Scrubber S.S., Raw Milk Chiller, Milk Pasteurizer, Milk Homogenizer, Horizontal Milk Storage Tank, S.S.Pipes and fittings, Milk Pump for Delivery 3.5H.P. Zeutech make, entury System for powder reconstitution zeutech make, Milk Pouching , Overhead Tank, Milk Pump, Air Compressor, Hot Water, Water Service Tank, Ammonia Compressor (Kirloskar Make) PC 2 with all STD 2 Nos accessories & with Oil Separator, Electric Motor, Auto Clave Sterilizer, Fridge, Hot Air Oven, Hot Water Bath, Distillation Plant, PH Meter, Scientific Weighing Scale, Gerber Machine-Fat Count, High Speed Centrifuge Machine, Butro Rifractoneter Machine, Eco Milk, Incubator, Hot Plate, Molko Tester, 15 LPG Gas Stove, Lab Testing Material, ??? TANK, ??? TANK, Electric Panel, Air Diffuser - Fixed Type - Airfin Make, Air Blower, ETP Tank Electrical Material & Accessories Generator Sets & Panels, Electrical Material, Switch Gear Etc., Electric Generating Set 20 KVA Powerica Ltd Make 1650x1800x400mm PCC Panel 166x1800x400mm APFC Panel with Simens Make switch Gear, Alu Bush Earthing, Earth Plate, Alu Plate, Earthing Powder, Salt & coal All Electrical Fitting Supply Material, plot.
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